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Thanks for visiting!! My name is Anna Stevenson and I am a practicing Equine Sports Therapist, ASEA Independent Associate and Equine SCENAR Practitioner working around the New England, Tamworth, Quirindi, Upper Hunter, Gunnedah and Inverell in NSW, Australia.

I treat horses using sports and remedial massage techniques, including myofascial release, trigger point therapy, soft tissue release, gentle joint articulation & mobilisation, and stretches. I also incorporate the use of a SCENAR device in my treatments, displayed at EQUITANA Asia Pacific 2016/2018. Developed in a Russian University over 40 years ago, SCENAR has been a reliable form of drug-free pain management in people in Russia and then Europe, and now this fabulous electrotherapy is gaining momentum in Australia and can be applied to horses!

Working with horse owners and riders I aim to achieve a holistic management approach by giving advice on saddle fit, teeth & hoof care and nutrition. I can also provide pre and post competition treatments at events, as well as pre-purchase inspections for any pain issues, weakness, conformation and correct locomotion (full vet inspection is still advised).

I spend some of my time travelling the countryside teaching at local pony camps and adult riding clubs, as well as the New England Girls School in Armidale, teaching the girls biomechanics, anatomy, massage techniques and core strength for riding.

Another past time of mine is attending all kinds of horse events including the Landmark Classic Campdraft, Tom Quilty and Shahzada Endurance rides, the NCHA Cutting Futurity, the ASHS Stock Horse Nationals, ISHE Tamworth, Coona Horse Expo, EQUITANA and many other clinic days and competitions, treating horses for competitors, or travelling with clients to help their horses through a particular event.  

I am also a distributor for Hi-Form products and an ASEA Independent Consultant. I am a huge fan of helping the body to naturally heal itself!! I use these products on my own horses and have put many clients onto these wonderful natural products. If you have any pain, digestive, nervous, performance or health issues with yourself or your horse, please feel free to contact me to discuss Hi-Form or an ASEA cellular supplement.

On top of treating your horse, I can also help balance your body as the rider, as I am a qualified Remedial Sports Therapist for humans as well. I offer an exclusive Horse & Rider Package!! But please note, I only treat the riders of my horsey clients. I do not treat the general public anymore.  

Take a tour of my site and use the booking form if you would like more information or keep in contact using Facebook! This is where all my upcoming treatment days are listed.